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Barkuterie Boards

Wag Board SHIPPED (US/Canada)

Wag Board SHIPPED (US/Canada)

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Introducing Wag Boards: Non-Perishable Doggy Charcuterie Treats!

Ship this delectable delight nationwide (US & Canada) to pamper your pup in the comfort of your home. Each Wag Board features premium novel proteins and short ingredient list dog cookies, vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. With no artificial preservatives, consume within 6-8 weeks for optimal taste.

These Wag Boards come in both a standard 6” compostable palm leaf platter and a party sized 10” platter, depending on your snacking needs!

Here is a sample of what to expect on a Wag Board: Polkadog Alaskan cod skin, WildNFresh New Zealand green-lipped mussel, Drooling Monsters steak in lotus root, Arya Sit! quail egg yolk, Lucky Premium venison bites, pumpkin logo cookie, iced pumpkin cookie, Big Daddy Biscuit pb oat bone, banana bread hearts, banana chips, and Gaines Family Farm sweet potato chew.

Please note that the specific snacks you receive may vary based on inventory availability, ensuring you always receive the freshest goodies. If your pup has dietary preferences or restrictions, don't worry! You can indicate them in the notes section at checkout, and we'll make sure their Wag Board is tailored with love.

For questions about introducing new foods, consult your veterinarian. Treat your loyal companion to the ultimate doggy indulgence they deserve. Order now!

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