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Wag Boards Blog (Charcuterie for Dogs)

  • From Wag Boards to Bites: Creative Ways to Repurpose Doggy Charcuterie Leftovers

    After indulging your pup with a delectable Wag Board experience, you might find yourself with some leftover treats. In our latest blog post, we explore creative ways to repurpose doggy charcuterie leftovers, turning them into meal enhancers, high-value training treats, and engaging enrichment activities. Discover how to extend the joy of your Wag Board and make the most out of those tasty morsels. From mealtime excitement to training motivation and mental stimulation, your pup will thank you for the extra love and attention. 
  • How do you make a dog charcuterie board?

    Have you ever wondered how to make your own dog charcuterie board? You've come to the right place! My name is Amanda and I am the owner of Wag Boards, curating the highest quality doggy charcuterie boards for your pups since 2020! I've been featured in the New York Times and the leading pet industry podcast, Wear Wag Repeat, so I know a thing or two about charcuterie for dogs. Let's dive into some tips and tricks to make your own dog charcuterie board.
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