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 dog wearing a birthday hat with barkuterie board

"The PERFECT gift for my dog for all occasions and I also love to support BIPOC business owners!" - Manna H., dog mom to Joey.

Small dog with barkuterie board

"My dogs LOVE Wag Boards!!! Amanda puts so much love and care into making each board, and my dogs enjoyed every bite!!" - Rachel K, dog mom to Walter.

Doodle dog smelling a Barkuterie Board

"I cannot recommend Wagboards enough! Amanda is absolutely wonderful and so detail- oriented throughout the process. These boards are filled with high-value treats (perfect for training) and the ingredients rotate so your pup won't get the same board twice. She also was so kind to write down everything our board included so we know what treats our dog liked best. We will absolutely be ordering from her again!" - Shelby M., dog mom to Archie.

Small dog eating a Barkuterie Board treat

"There isn’t a word to describe how much I love these or my pup! Not only are they perfection to look at but the quality of treats on this board is top notch and not just junk. We are in Texas and and it’s shipped in great time and shape - even in the hot summer. Cannot recommend enough and my dog gives it 4 paws up!" Jennifer G., dog mom to Hamilton.